Booking & fees information

Booking multiple sessions through Ticketek

We'd love you to book tickets for multiple sessions at this year's festival. In the first instance you might like to go and buy your tickets in person from the ASB Theatre Marlborough ticket office or Paper Plus Blenheim. If you book online and have any questions or problems, please call ASB Theatre Marlborough ticket office on 03 520 8558 or email on

If you want to book a bunch of sessions online we recommend two ways of going about it so you can book them together and pay all at once. Note, you need to be signed in to Ticketek to book, if you don't already have an account you'll need to set one up first:

Book directly through Ticketek

  1. Head to our festival page on Ticketek.
  2. Once you've booked your first event (including signing in) and have gone through to the payment/cart page but haven't paid, simply click the Ticketek logo top left to go back to the Ticketek homepage.
  3. From there search 'Marlborough Book Festival' in the search box, and select your next event. And so on.
  4. Once you've got all your events in your cart, then go through the payment process.

Using our site & Ticketek.

  1. Head to the Authors or Programme page on this website, find the first author and session you'd like to book and click on the yellow 'BUY TICKETS' button of the session.
  2. This takes you to Ticketek in a new second tab on your web browser, where you go through the process of booking your first event, including signing in.
  3. Then click on the first tab with our site open, find another session you'd like to book, click on the yellow 'BUY TICKETS' button and it will open Ticketek in yet another tab where you should be logged in already.
  4. Again, go through the booking process for that event. Head back to our site on the first tab and repeat, until you have booked all the sessions and they're all showing up in the payment/cart page
  5. Then go through the payment process to book and pay for all events at once.    

Any questions or problems, please call ASB Theatre Marlborough ticket office on 03 520 8558 or email on


Ticketek service fees

When you book you will notice the prices are higher than past years and that is stated in the booklet.

It's not that we've put our prices up, it's because Ticketek has already added their booking fee up front, rather than it showing up at payment stage. We hope this doesn't cause any confusion. 

Please note that:

  • a $2.50 per ticket fee applies on tickets valued at $20.00 - $59.99.
  • a $3.00 per ticket service fee applies on tickets valued $60.00 and over.

A payment processing fee from 2.55% applies to all purchases made by credit or debit card and is not included in the price. 

A payment processing fee does not apply for purchases made through Ticketek agents or outlets when using cash, or when redeeming a Ticketek Gift Voucher. 
All ticket/item prices include GST, if applicable, and are quoted in NZ$.