Podcasts from selected authors at the Marlborough Book Festival...

Alice Galletly - The Beer Geek and the Winemaker

In conversation with Ben Glover - July 2017

Is beer pong an Olympic sport? What does beer made with stag semen taste like?

Alice provides answers to such pressing questions and offers tips on how to get the most out of every glass of beer. 

John Pickrell - Digging For Dinosaurs

In conversation with Mike White - July 2017


Get ready to journey back in time and rethink everything you know about dinosaurs as John discusses his books on fascinating new dinosaur discoveries, fossil hunters from the Australian Outback to Antarctica, and his experiences digging for dinosaurs in Australia and Mongolia.


Anne Salmond - In Cook’s Wake 

In conversation with Peter Jerram - July 2017

The first significant long-term contacts between Māori and Pakeha took place in Totaranui/Queen Charlotte Sound in the 1770s and have shaped the country.

Dame Anne Salmond was one of the first to tell that history from two perspectives, continuing her contribution to bridging the cultural divide between Maori and Pakeha. This special session was held aboard MV Odyssea as it cruised Queen Charlotte Sound. 

Longform Journalism 

Longform journalists Naomi Arnold, Charles Anderson, Nikki Macdonald & Mike White - July 2017

Four of New Zealand's leading journalists discuss how to tell stories in depth in an age of clickbait, and the role of new techniques such as podcasts. 


Brian Turner - An Incredible Life 

In conversation with Mike White - July 2017

Writer and poet Brian talks about growing up in one of New Zealand's most famous sporting families and representing New Zealand; ocean sailing, climbing, cycling, fishing and golf caddying; his love of the environment and his battles to preserve it; and how it's all played a part in a half century of extraordinary writing.