John Pickrell

John Pickrell is an award-winning journalist, the former editor of Australian Geographic magazine and the author of Flying Dinosaurs, How Fearsome Reptiles Became Birds, and Weird Dinosaurs, The Strange New Fossils Challenging Everything we Thought we Knew.

He has worked for publications including New Scientist, Science, Science News and Cosmos. John’s articles can also be found online and in print at BBC Wildlife, National Geographic, Scientific American, Focus and the ABC.

John has been a finalist in the Australian Museum’s Eureka prizes three times, won an Earth Journalism Award and featured in The Best Australian Science Writing in 2011, 2014 and 2015.

He studied biology at Imperial College in the United Kingdom, and has a Master of Science in taxonomy and biodiversity from the Natural History Museum, London.

When John isn’t writing or editing these days he can be found on fossil digs in the Australian Outback or Gobi Desert.

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Digging For Dinosaurs

John Pickrell in conversation with Mike White

Get ready to journey back in time and rethink everything you know about dinosaurs as John discusses his books on fascinating new dinosaur discoveries, fossil hunters from the Australian Outback to Antarctica, and his experiences digging for dinosaurs in Australia and Mongolia. 


The Dinosaur Hunters

An hour with John Pickrell, introduced by Mike White

We’re in a golden age of discovery and the fossils coming to light show dinosaurs were stranger, bigger, scarier and more diverse than we ever imagined. Join us for a journey of discovery with John Pickrell – amateur palaeo-sleuth, former editor of Australian Geographic and the author of Flying Dinosaurs and Weird Dinosaurs – as he guides us through some of the fascinating new dinosaur science. John’s talk will include slides of fantastic dinosaur illustrations, and a brief film about the discoveries made on the 2016 Australian Geographic and Mongolian Academy of Sciences dinosaur dig. Suitable for children with a strong interest in paleontology.