Jim Tannock

Jim Tannock has been creating photographs and video content that tells stories since 2003, earning his clients' praise for the professionalism and vision he brings to each project.

Jim knows Marlborough as only a local with an eye for beauty could, and has a knack for knowing just the right time and place to capture the shot. 

As well as his commercial work, Jim is an artist and has shown his work in several exhibitions over the years, including Digital Undergrowth and the Auction of Acceptance, a collaboration with artist Danny Knox in 2017, and Omaka Wow Wow in 2013.

We love the images that Jim takes for the Marlborough Book Festival.  The photos, often quirky, always beautiful, feature people from sponsoring businesses reading books in locations which hold meaning for the subject while meeting Jim’s creative vision for the image. 

Jim’s support for the festival runs deep - he once drove a guest writer with a shared love of music around Marlborough's second-hand shops looking for vinyl records and other treasures. Thanks Jim!