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The Marlborough Book Festival is run by the Marlborough Readers & Writers Charitable Trust. Trustees are Sophie Preece, Sonia O'Regan and Karen Walshe.

Sophie Preece, Karen Walshe & Sonia O'Regan

The 2021 festival was organised by a committee of seven volunteers. Five are below, plus Lorraine Carryer and Kat Pickford. We are also assisted by a number of other volunteers who kindly help out over the festival weekend.

Charlotte Patterson, Sonia O'Regan, Sophie Preece, Sharon Hill & Claudia Small. Photo: Jim Tannock

We are book lovers who felt it was time Marlborough had a writers' festival of its own, and set about making that happen. We were encouraged from the beginning by the enthusiasm people had for the idea, and held the inaugural event in July 2014. 

We’ve been blown away by the wonderful support from our sponsors and supporters. These Marlborough businesses who love reading as much as we do have enabled this festival and given it a special Marborough flavour.

You can touch base with the Trust by heading to contact us.

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