Supporting children's reading in Marlborough

Did you know that $1 from every ticket you buy to attend a session at the Marlborough Book Festival goes towards supporting reading among children in Marlborough?

In 2021 two of our guest authors visited Bohally Intermediate School and Marlborough Girls’ College, providing a chance for young people to meet real life authors.

The Festival also sponsors Blenheim School’s involvement in the Duffy Books in Homes programme. Pupils can choose at least five free books from a catalogue each year. The programme covers half the cost while participating schools seek sponsorship to cover the other half. The Trust has committed to paying $3000 to Blenheim School over the three years.

We hope you enjoy the knowledge that buying a ticket not only secures your chance to hear from a wonderful author but also helps children access books and authors. We call that a win-win! 


The MBF team x