Nikki Macdonald

Nikki Macdonald is a senior feature writer at The Dominion Post. During her 15 years as a journalist, she has been named Fairfax Feature Writer of the Year three times and won several Canon Media Awards, including overall Feature Writer of the Year (short form) for 2017.

Nikki covered the 2005 Pakistan earthquake, the 2009 tsunami in Samoa, the aftermath of the 2015 Nepal earthquake and the Christchurch and Kaikoura quakes.

For the love of journalism, she has eaten hospital food for a week, puffed her way through the police fitness test and reported from the inside of a nuclear reactor.

Festival sessions held

Nikki Macdonald will interviewed a series of authors at the festival and took part in the following session.

Longform Journalism Panel

Longform journalists Naomi Arnold, Charles Anderson, Nikki Macdonald & Mike White

Four of New Zealand's leading journalists discuss how to tell stories in depth in an age of clickbait, and the role of new techniques such as podcasts.