Emily Writes

Emily Writes is a writer and mother of two young boys, who lives in Wellington.

Her first blog post about motherhood went viral in March 2015. The resulting book Rants in the Dark is a bestseller which has been made into a play, and her most recent
book Is It Bedtime Yet? was published last year.

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Festival sessions

Is It Bedtime Yet?

- in conversation with Jane Forrest Waghorn

8pm-9 pm, Saturday 6 July, ASB Theatre, 2 Hutcheson St, Blenheim, $20

Parents of young children often have to put on a brave face when things are falling apart at home. Emily Writes  does us a favour  by not hiding anything - anything at all. From great love to gastro, she shares the ups and downs of modern day parenting . No matter your stage of life, Emily's stories have wide appeal.


Extreme Woke Leftie 

- in conversation with Naomi Arnold

12pm-lpm, Sunday 7 July, Cloudy Bay winery, Jacksons Rd, $30

Often hilarious, always on-point Emily Writes tackles a range of social issues. She embraces the 'extreme woke left' criticism of the online haters and, thank goodness, keeps going. What's it like to put yourself out there when you have serious anxiety issues in the first place? And is having a laugh the only way to stay sane?


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