Pip Adam

"There are few New Zealand writers as exciting and original as Pip Adam," writes reviewer Briar Lawry.

Pip is a novelist, short story writer and reviewer.

Her second novel The New Animals won the 2018 Acorn Foundation Fiction Prize. Pip teaches creative writing and is the voice behind the Better off Read podcast.

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Festival sessions

We Have to Talk About 'The New Animals'

- in conversation with Jane Forrest Waghorn

2pm-3pm, Saturday July 6, Spy Valley Wines, Waihopai Valley, $30

The New Animals parodies the Auckland fashion scene; part gritty social realism, part science fiction. The Acorn Foundation Fiction Prize judges described it as a confrontational, revelatory novel that holds a mirror up to contemporary New Zealand culture . One reviewer implored us: "What the**** are we doing in this country when we are not reviewing and talking about this book?" We hear you! Let's talk.


Writing on the Cutting Edge

- in conversation with Jane Forrest Waghorn

10am-11am, Sunday July 7, Cloudy Bay winery, $30

Pip Adam is praised for "making literature subversive fun in this country again" and being the author "most wired-in to the seething discontent below the housing bubble and above the poverty line". She discusses her own narrative from teenage hairdresser to winner of the country's richest literary prize.


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