Dave Lowe

Dave Lowe is the author of The Alarmist: Fifty Years Measuring Climate Change, which won the EH McCormick Prize for best first work of general non-fiction for the 2022 Ockham NZ Book Awards. He is an atmospheric chemist and a lead author of the 2007 Nobel Prize-winning IPCC Fourth Assessment Report on climate change.

In March 2021, he won the environment category at the Dominion Post Wellingtonian of the Year Awards.

2022 festival sessions

Writing Climate Change - Dave Lowe & Kirsten McDougall

- in conversation with Bev Doole

Kirsten is the author of an eco-thriller novel set in a climate-changed future, Dave is a scientist who has been raising the alarm about atmospheric changes for decades. Both authors say their work was borne of anger and frustration at the lack of action to mitigate a looming disaster.


The Alarmist

- in conversation with Bev Doole

Dave Lowe reflects on a career spent sounding the alarm about climate change – since his discovery of rising atmospheric CO2 in the southern hemisphere mid-latitudes in the early 1970s through to his recent work, The Alarmist: Fifty Years Measuring Climate Change.

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