Kirsten McDougall

Kirsten McDougall is the author of three books, two of which were longlisted for the Ockham NZ Book Awards. Her writing has appeared in various literary publications and her story, Walking Day, won the 2021 Sunday Star-Times Short Story Competition.

Kirsten received the Michael King Writers Centre residency in 2019. She lives in Wellington.


2022 festival sessions

Writing Climate Change - Kirsten McDougall & Dave Lowe 

- in conversation with Bev Doole

Kirsten is the author of an eco-thriller novel set in a climate-changed future, Dave is a scientist who has been raising the alarm about atmospheric changes for decades. Both authors say their work was borne of anger and frustration at the lack of action to mitigate a looming disaster.

We have limited the ticketing in the auditorium so you can choose to social distance if you would like to.


She's a Killer

- in conversation with Rachael King

Climate change is no laughing matter, but Kirsten McDougall's fast-paced novel She's a Killer set in a foreseeable future Aotearoa is full of unexpected humour. Her apathetic protagonist Alice is content to observe society's disarray until a teenage genius with a fantastic backstory upends her life and emboldens her to act.

Kirsten discusses her masterful plot, fresh characters and the power of fiction to help us face up to climate forecasts.


Oh So Novel – Kirsten McDougall, Rebecca K Reilly & Sue Orr

Three contemporary New Zealand novelists talk writing. Sue Orr, Kirsten McDougall and Rebecca K Reilly discuss their inspiration, processes and generational insights. They also discuss the place of women - as authors and protagonists - in modern literature.


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