Ruth Shaw

Ruth Shaw runs two small bookshops in remote Manapōuri and is the author of The Bookseller at the End of the World, a charming memoir that weaves bittersweet stories from her life with tales of the characters who visit her bookshops and musings about favourite books.

2022 festival sessions

The Power of Books 

- in conversation with Tessa Nicholson

Two women who love books talk books at a book festival. Ruth Shaw, much-loved Manapōuri writer who has found happiness running three tiny bookshops in her garden, and Tessa Nicholson, a much-loved Marlborough writer and festival chair who has been known to read a book a day, come together to discuss Ruth's wonderful book of stories about her extraordinary life and quirky bookshops, The Bookseller at the End of the World.

There's time too for Ruth and Tessa to share recommendations for sparking up your reading love life. We have limited the ticketing in this session so that you can choose to social distance if you would like to.

The Bookseller at the End of the World 

"Ruth Shaw's life has been crammed with incredible adventure, and at times damned by terrible tragedy," writes Mike White in Stuff. "There have been pirates, and prostitutes, and protests and pig farming; gold mining, gambling and grief."

Ruth talks about her uplifting story of survival, her tiny Fiordland bookshops and a memoir that's helping others address wounds from their past.


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