Steve Braunias

Steve Braunias edits Newsroom's books section, ReadingRoom, writes for the New Zealand Herald, and has 10 books and a multitude of awards to his name. Steve published two books in 2021, with the Missing Persons true-crime collection and Cover Story, an illustrated history of 100 beautiful, strange and incredible New Zealand record covers.

2022 festival sessions

Cover Story

- in conversation with Tania Miller

The last time Steve Braunias attended the festival, he trawled through our op-shops seeking record covers that might reveal insights into New Zealand’s popular culture from 1957 to 1987, when the LP was king of recorded music. We like to think a few made their way to his latest book, Cover Story: 100 Beautiful, Strange and Frankly Incredible New Zealand LP Covers. Steve discusses the interviews behind the book and his own experience collecting more than 800 albums. We will have the Vinyl in the Vines crew on deck for this special Friday night event.  

Missing Persons 

- in conversation with Glyn Walters

Steve Braunias captivated festival audiences at Spy Valley in 2016, talking of the 12 true stories of crime and punishment behind his book Scene of the Crime. We’re delighted to have him back at the cellar door this year with Missing Persons, his latest collection of true crime writing, exposing 12 extraordinary tales of disappearance in New Zealand.  


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