Gavin Lang

Wānaka mountaineer and photographer Gavin Lang’s book, Seeking the Light, is about climbing New Zealand’s 24 highest peaks, and highlights the healing power of nature. Gavin, originally from Dublin, is one of the country’s most experienced mountain guides, taking climbers into the Southern Alps, while photographing his journeys. His book captures the tension and drama of mountaineering, but is also a meditation on the outdoors and the crucial role it plays in our well-being. 

2023 festival session

Seeking the Light 

Gavin Lang in conversation with Mike White

Seeking the Light is about climbing the country’s highest mountains that rise above 3000m, but it's about the importance of getting outdoors to improve health and wellbeing. Inspiring and exhilarating, each story captures the tension and drama of mountaineering in Aotearoa, and is vividly brought to life with Gavin’s outstanding photography. Gavin’s work is a beautiful and original contribution to mountain lore and literature. Don’t miss Gavin talking with fellow outdoorsman Mike White. 

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