Bex Bell

Dr Bex Bell (Rangitane and Ngai Tahu) is a speaker and coach who runs Remix Coaching and Consulting in Blenheim. Dr Bex has a PhD in criminal psychology and an endless fascination with how to optimise human potential. Her book Inner Critic to Inner Coach aims to inspire people to befriend the inner voice that holds them back and to live their best life.

2024 festival sessions

Inner Critic to Inner Coach

Dr Bex Bell in conversation with Kat Mason

1.30pm-2.30pm, Sun 28 July, ASB Theatre Marlborough, $25

Dr Bex Bell experienced imposter syndrome first hand when she was studying at postgraduate level, but found ways to manage the experience of feeling like an impostor to achieve her Phd in criminal psychology. These days, Dr Bex runs a coaching and consulting business helping people in the Marlborough community and beyond to address their doubts and live their best lives. Bex discusses her journey from self-doubter to published author and shares insights and advice from her book.  

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