Rina Pinker writing as Cleo Browne 

Rina Pinker (Ngāti Maniapoto, Te Arawa) lives in Blenheim and has worked as a teacher aide in schools, among other jobs. From a young age she found happiness in reading and writing, although her first stories often ended with the line, “and then they died”. As an adult she writes dark romantic comedies with diverse men and women and she’s got better at not killing all her characters off. 

2024 festival sessions

Happy Ever Afters  

Shaye Torrel, Cleo Browne and Sue Mackay in conversation with Courtney Clark Michaels

2.45pm-3.45pm, Sun 28 July, ASB Theatre Marlborough, $25

Four Marlborough authors share their journey to romance-writing success. Led by Courtney Clark Michaels, the writers discuss their initial attraction to writing romance and their long lasting commitment to the genre which promises readers a happy ending. They’ll also discuss how they turn their ideas into novels sold worldwide. The beauty of romance writing, Courtney says, is the opportunity to shine a spotlight on the themes that capture their attention.

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