Fletcher McKenzie

Fletcher McKenzie is an accomplished author and aviator, known for his engaging books on aviation, including From the Pilot’s Seat. He is a passionate entrepreneur and holds two national flying titles. Fletcher created the global television show FlightpathTV and operates an international aircraft sales and parts supply business. He has served on various aviation trusts and executive committees and has published seven books aimed at pilots, earning him recognition in aviation circles worldwide. Living in Auckland, Fletcher frequently heads to Marlborough to engage in flying, aviation-related work and to savour the great wine.

2024 festival sessions

From the Pilot’s Seat

Fletcher McKenzie in conversation with Des Ashton

4.30pm-5.30pm, Sat 27 July, ASB Theatre Marlborough, $25

Join Fletcher as he delves into his latest book, From the Pilot’s Seat, featuring enthralling stories from New Zealand pilots. These tales span a range of flying situations, from every day flights to heart-stopping adventures. The book covers various flying eras and aircraft, from World War II to the present day, including accounts from one of the original Dambusters and a pilot who flew Sir Richard Branson's private jet. Stories involve gliders, fighter jets, private aircraft, top-dressing planes, helicopters, and military aircraft, including the iconic F-18 from Top Gun. Hear Fletcher and Des discuss the amazing people and experiences featured in the book and Fletcher's lifelong passion for aviation.

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